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Production Process

Our company is the only one in Central Asia for the production of automotive wiring harnesses textile machine wires for ventilation, heating and cooling products, equipped with the best high-tech laboratory and test and powerful technical equipment.















Резка проводов

– Packaging of wires (for type and cross-section
– Insert the wire into the machine cutting.
– Cutting, Stripping, installation
sealing wire and crimp terminals.
– Production quality control undercut
wires for cutting and stripping wires.
– 100 pcs. color, type and cross-sections.
– Submission of the workpiece to the site pre-
assembly L / P.


Обжимка наконечников

– Insert seal (grommet diameter not less than 35mm)
and PVC pipes (diameter ZMM).
– Insert the wire into the small seal (seal) and
rubber caps (sleeve).
– Insert the wires in obzhimochny machine.
– Production of crimping (terminals).
– Installation of heat-shrinkable tubing (Hot melt tube)
on-site wiring.
– Winding splice tape (Splice tape) on-site wiring.
– Quality breakout force of wires from the tip (terminal).


Предварительная сборка

– Installation of cables with crimped terminals
Connector according to LP PLAN, SUB PLAN and samples.
– Take into account the color, the cross section, the length of the wires on the
matching terminal (tip) and its integrity.
– Production quality control of the terminal,
(tip) in the connector. Insert seals
(grommet), when installing the oil lubrication (oil).
– Insert PVC (PVC tube) tubes. The size of the PVC pipe should
comply with the drawing.


Сборка на линии

– Installation of a defined wire connectors
in board assembly line.
– Installation of water supply hose (washer hose) and
polyethylene film (POLY-ETHY FILM).
– Installation of PVC tape (PVC sheet), PVC (PVC tube) and
corrugated (Corrugate tube) tubes hanging on
Wire according to the diagram of the assembly of the board.
– Winding wire tape – VINILTAPE (BL, YL),


Функциональная проверка

– Insert the connector of the receiving device
(holders) of the test board (ROB).
– Check the functionality of the finished product
(upon successful verification stamp inserted controller).
– Visual inspection of the harness according to the drawing,
fixing production branches paper tape
(Paper tape).
– Installation fuse (FUSE), covers the box
Fuse (FUSE BOX COVER), the bracket
(Bracket), the resistor (Resister), self-adhesive printing


Визуальная проверка

– Verification Station GP-12 – provide assurance
that any problems that may arise, will be
and immediately detected, localized and resolved to
site provider, not the customer site.
– Responsible controllers Verification Station
GP-12 carried out 100% visual re
check according to operating instructions and assembly
drawing obtained from ZAO “DzhiEmUz.”
– Packaging the finished product.