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Compliance – translated from English means “compliance”.

Dear colleagues,

Joint Stock Company “Uzavtosanoat” considers ethical values ​​to be sincerity, honesty and ethical behavior. The company values ​​its business reputation by joining common efforts.
JSC “Uzavtosanoat” conducts its business honestly and ethically,
in accordance with applicable law.

For this purpose, Uzavtosanoat JSC adopted the Code on the Special Policy Compliance and Compliance Guidelines, which requires execution by all officials of Uzavtosanoat JSC, without exception, including managers, heads of structural divisions, managers, as well as those present working on civil parties.

The company has opened a hotline to receive reports of compliance violations.

Staff should collect reports of any violations of the Compliance Manual or the Code overpricing Compliance with the Compliance Department.

You can contact the employees of the Compliance Service using the following contact details:

1. Call the “Hot Line” number By phone +99871 140-76-70;

2. Send an email to compliance@uzavtosanoat.uz;

The Compliance Service ensures the confidentiality of messages.


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